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You likely already know that your child needs good vision to succeed in school. Proper vision enables your child to see fine details, making it easier to decipher text on a board or on an exam. But did you know that your child also needs good vision to develop physically?

A child’s brain needs equal input from both eyes to stimulate the visual centers. Without clear, focused images, the brain may not properly develop, resulting in permanent vision loss.

At the Eye Specialists Center, we offer pediatric ophthalmology, or vision care for children. Our staff gives some of the best pediatric care and provides comprehensive vision evaluations to determine if your child needs corrective lenses. These evaluations include visual acuity, eye alignment, eye movement and tracking, depth perception, color vision, and visual field assessments.


Diagnose These Pediatric Eye Problems Early

Most pediatric eye problems can be treated successfully if caught early. Consequently, it’s important to take your infant to a vision screening shortly after birth and at routine intervals. Your ophthalmologist at ESC will look for the following problems:

  • Amblyopia: Eye misalignment reduces vision. Amblyopia responds best to treatment if identified during preschool years.
  • Astigmatism: Uneven eye curvature causes near and far objects to look blurred.
  • Double vision: Many conditions cause the simultaneous perception of two images. Double vision should be evaluated immediately. Depending on the condition, treatment for double vision includes strabismus surgery, Botox injections, and prism glasses.
  • Drooping eyelid: Weakness in the muscle that elevates the eyelid causes drooping eyelid. This may result in significant astigmatism and permanent vision loss, if untreated. Surgical correction may be necessary.
  • Excessive tearing: Blockage in the tear ducts leads to excessive tearing. Treatment includes tear eye drops and sac massage. If tearing persists, surgical probing may be necessary.
  • Farsightedness: Near objects appear blurred while distant objects seem clear because the cornea is not properly curved or the lens sits farther back in the eye. Glasses or contacts correct the issue.
  • Nearsightedness: Distant objects appear blurred while near objects seem clear because the cornea is too curved. Glasses or contacts correct the issue.
  • Strabismus: Also known as crossed eyes, this condition occurs when the eye muscles cause the eyes to misalign. The misalignment may be intermittent or constant. An eye may turn outward (exotropia), inward (esotropia), downward (hypotropia), or upward (hypertropia). Treatment may include prisms eyeglasses, Botox injections, surgery, or eye-patching therapy.

Call us at (708) 423-4070 to schedule a screening for your child and to diagnose eye problems early.

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  • "Dr.Buka, Thank you so very much, you are a great surgeon. Your staff at Chicago Ridge have also been very helpful and kind. 
    God Bless," 


  • "Dr. Ticho, Thank you so much for making sure that my surgery went smoothly and I really appreciate it. You are an amazing and outstanding doctor. 


  • "Dr. Buka did a wonderful, professional job on my wife's eyes. She has used contacts and glasses for over 15 years. My wife feels like a new person after having Lasik surgery with Dr. Buka, she couldn't be happier. Thanks again, " 


  • "I am a new patient to your company. I was prescribed Sclera contacts. It was my first time wearing this type of lenses and they worked great. However, getting them in my eyes was very tricky. June Tepavich was instrumental in training me how to insert, remove and clean these lenses. June was so professional and patient with me as I tried again and again to get them in my eyes. She has a warm and humorous personality which went a long way to lessen my frustration when I struggled to get them in. It was a pleasure working with her and I appreciate all she's done! I also have had an exceptionally wonderful experience with Dr. Birva Shah. She is simply amazing. I've had some fairly serious long term eyesight issues. Every doctor I went to could only make minor improvements. Dr. Birva Shah did an outstanding job diagnosing my issues and prescribing a solution. My vision is the best it's ever been! I want to thank Dr. Shah for her professionalism, attention to detail and cheerful disposition. She is awesome!
    Sincerely, " 

    Wesley Jason Hall

  • "To All the Staff At the Eye Specialists Center, Thank you so much for your care that made my cataract surgery a relaxing experience. Special thanks to Patty, Connie, Dr. Ticho and Dr. Shah, you made my world a beautiful place again."

    Jim Fasano

  • "I truly understand the issues with my mom's eye and who knows what can happen when a 85 year old woman goes into surgery. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. My mother Jenny H. is still upbeat, positive and very thankful for everything you have done for her. Our family has appreciated the allotment for the taxi rides. It is just enough to allow her some independence and my mother feels much better because of your gift.

    Dr. Ticho, you did not have to do this, you definitely went "above and beyond" what was expected.

    You are a mighty man."

    Billy Hois

  • "My husband and I would like to thank Dr Ticho from the bottom of our hearts for diagnosing and removing our son's tumor that was found in his eye. We could not have gone through life without our "little peanut". Words cannot say how very grateful we are."
    Always Thankful, 

    Scott, Jamie and Ryan

  • "Dr Hassan Shah provided a painless experience with my eye care. I am very content and now have a higher self-esteem after having my eye surgery done by Dr Shah. Thank you for such great patient care, concern and a great surgery."


  • "I would like to let you know that I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity in allowing you to perform my eye surgery. I never thought that I would find a doctor to perform this special surgery. I also would like you to know that I am very happy with my results and this is a big step forward in my life. 
    Once again, thank you," 


  • "Dr. Lindberg,

    Thank you so much for filling me into your schedule. My eye looks almost normal! You and your staff are wonderful!"

    Teresa & Jack


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